It seems these days, people are turning to dangerous drugs to feed their addiction. Hats off to law enforcement for uncovering the biggest drug bust in Maine's history.

Last month, the biggest drug bust in Maine's history was uncovered in Sanford, Maine.

Authorities with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said they arrested two people for allegedly trafficking "H", also known as heroin or fentanyl, after seizing a whopping 8 pounds of this illegal drug at one time.

According to one report, half of the drugs were seized in Sanford, just south of Portland, and the other half was captured in Massachusetts.

On January 13, 2017, police arrested Nichole Farrar of Sanford and Jason Bouldoc of Parsonfield, both of Maine.

As stated, 8 pounds of heroin/fentanyl was seized, which totaled $180,354.00 in cash.

In 2016, about 12 pounds of heroin was seized, but that was for the whole year. In this bust, 8 pounds were seized at one time, making this the biggest drug bust in the history of the Pine Tree State.


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