When I was growing up in Auburn, we would often go to Pettingill Park and spend hours upon hours in the public playground. This past weekend, I went to a local playground with my friend and his young son and it dawned on my how much they have changed.
Expensive Games
'Tomb Raider,' 'Disney: Infinity,' 'Max Payne.' The list goes on. Gamers sometimes take these titles and their respective graphics and other elements for granted. It might interest you to know how much it costs to create even one of these games. Remember, our country is dead broke.
Retro Gaming
I'm not really a 'video game' guy. These days I live vicariously through my kids with the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii. We don't have XBox or Playstation. However, there was a time when I was known to frequent an arcade or two (if you're under 30 and you don't know what an arcade is ask your parents).