'The Maine Event' hasn't even played a single college game yet; however, that hasn't stopped the hype that folks have for his potential professional career.

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Firstly, if you’ve been living under a rock, Cooper Flagg is a Newport, Maine native, a Duke University commit for the 2024-25 college basketball season, and is widely considered a top draft pick for the 2025 NBA Draft, if not the consensus #1 overall pick.

Credit: Dave Dostie
Credit: Dave Dostie

Flagg has wrapped up his senior year of hoops at Montverde Academy, transferring to Montverde after his freshman year of basketball playing for Nokomis Regional High School.

Just this past year, Flagg was named a semifinalist for the Naismith Prep Player of the Year Award, as well as being selected to play in the 2024 McDonald's All-American Boys Game, which will take place on April 2nd in Houston, Texas.

But if Cooper Flagg hasn’t even played a minute of college basketball, how is he playable in a video game?

Credit: Dave Dostie
Credit: Dave Dostie

Well, in the latest entry in the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K24, with the customization options where you can create new teams, draft classes, and individual players, folks have done the latter with Cooper Flagg.

Sixringsofsteel, a YouTuber with over 300k subscribers, who primarily uploads NBA 2K content, uploaded a video in late February titled 'VICTOR WEMBANYAMA + COOPER FLAGG = DYNASTY | 10 Year Spurs Rebuild,' where he did a 'rebuild' for the San Antonio Spurs. A rebuild is where a team reshapes and gets better for the future, and this is a function in NBA 2K24’s Association mode.

In the video, Sixringsofsteel drafted the custom-created Cooper Flagg and paired him alongside the Spurs’ rookie sensation, Victor Wembanyama.

Sixringsofsteel’s full video is available here; potentially check out how Cooper Flagg’s prospective NBA career may go if the chips land how Sixringsofsteel laid them out.

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