Okay, how many lobsters are caught each year?  Because I see another report of a rare blue lobster caught in the waters off the coast of Maine this week by lobsterman George Stover according to wmur.com.  I must admit, the blue lobster caught by Stover is a stunner.  She is so blue she practically glows when you see her in comparison to a regular colored lobster.


How Rare is Rare?


So, in my time in New England, I have written a few articles about special, rare lobsters including blue ones, calico ones, etc.  They usually end up at an aquarium or on display somewhere.  It got me thinking how many lobsters are caught each year if I keep seeing about some of them being caught.  Turns out the blue lobster is about one in two million.


Back to the Sea


According to wmur since the lobster was female, Stover notched it and threw it back in the sea. Maybe she will pass on her special coloring to her babies when she has some.  I think this is the first time I have read about the catching of a rare blue lobster being thrown back into the ocean.  Are there more special colored lobsters or are we just hearing about more of them now with social media and the ease of sharing pictures of them? Whatever the reason, it’s a spectacular picture of the rare blue lobster.  I would love to see one in person.  I need to hit up the aquarium to take a look for some rare lobsters.  Kudos to George Stover for his amazing one in two million catch and placing that beauty back in the sea so more generations of blue lobsters may bless us with their presence.   I don’t know if I could have thrown it back, I wouldn’t eat it either, but I suppose they don’t make good pets.  She is better off in the sea.


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