With plenty of snow in the County, snowmobile trails are looking great! However, many of the trails ride through private property and that's something to think about.

When on the trails, there are some common sense things to think about before and during a ride that shows respect to private property owners and for your own safety.

Recently, the Moosehead Rider's Snowmobile Club shot a photo of a part of a trail in the area of ITS85N between Greenville and Elephant Mountain where a snowmobiler had gone off the designated trail and rode over a stack of snow-covered logs that were set for delivery.

Because of that action or actions, that part of the trail is now closed to all snowmobile riders until logging has been 100-percent completed.

This should have been an easy decision to stay on the trail, in order to keep it open for all, but now all riders have lost access to that trail because of the bad decisions of a few.

Riding on private property is a privilege, not a right.


I'd like to think that most snowmobile riders respect private property owners wishes and respect fellow riders while on the trails.

But for those who might be missing it, here are some tips to think about while snowmobiling in Maine.

A website called 'The Maine Way' has posted some laws, rules, regulations and common sense for those who take to the trails in Maine.

Snowmobile Trail Ethics

  • I will always operate at a reasonable and prudent speed for trail conditions
  • I will always drive to the right side of the trail and park, in a line, off to the right side of the groomed trail
  • I will not pass unless recognized and motioned to do so from the rider in front of me
  • I will respect the trail groomer and local club by leaving the trail the same way I found it
  • I will not ride on plowed roads with the exception of legal crossings

Keep in mind that there are riders with various skill sets on the trails. Not everyone is advanced as you are, or as you think you are.

Over the weekend, various accident crashes occurred on the trails that probably could have been avoided and private property was disrespected as well.

These four snowmobile crashes involved various teenagers and seniors.

Keep it fun and keep it safe. The goal at days end is to make it home safely with a fun-filled and safe day behind you.

Thanks again to all of the snowmobile clubs who take the time and volunteer to make our riding experience some of the best in Maine!




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