For nearly four decades, musician Rick Charette toured across Maine putting smiles on children's faces with his catchy songs and melodies. Generations of Maine kids knew and loved his music. So when Charette announced that he would retire at the end of 2019, many were sad to know there would never be another performance from Rick Charette and the Bubblegum Band. As it turns out, that's not quite the case.

Charette, the Bubblegum Band and all of those amazing songs will live on in two filmed performances shared on Charette's YouTube channel. As Charette described in a recent Facebook post, he decided to put the two full concert shows online so that people can relive and remember a piece of their childhood.

The two concerts were filmed six years apart. "An evening with Rick Charette" in 1989 and "Just For The Fun Of It" in 1995. The two full concert performances are split into 10 parts on YouTube, so you can individually search out your favorite songs or piece them all together for that full concert experience.

So if you're having a bad day and need a little "Alligator in the Elevator" or "I Love Mud" in your life, Rick Charette and YouTube are here to save the day. Enjoy.


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