Whether you live in Aroostook County, are a recent college graduate, or are from away and looking to move here, Opportunities Aroostook has what you need to start your job search.


Internships and volunteer options can also be found on this website, and are all located in Aroostook County.

Opportunities Aroostook grew out of the Aroostook Partnership for Progress Education to Industry Initiative, which looks to connect high school and college students with emerging jobs in The County. Aroostook Partnership and Aroostook Aspirations Initiative (AAI) came together after AAI received a grant to form the Internship Hub of Aroostook, and decided to move forward with one website managed under AAI’s roof. Robert Dorsey, who is the President and CEO of Aroostook Partnership says a program like this is important to the area.

"It is vital to have one place where job seekers and employers can go to get information on the job availability in Aroostook,” said Dorsey. “

Opportunities Aroostook is designed to be user friendly, for both applicants and companies. Applicants are able to create their own profiles, upload their resumes to apply and keep up to date with the most current job postings, internship and volunteer opportunities in The County. Companies are also able to create their own profiles from which they post job openings specific to their company, business, organization, etc. Companies can also post internship and volunteer opportunities to the website, attracting attention from people of all ages.

“With approximately 31,000 jobs and a 10% turnover rate combined with an aging workforce and only 725 students graduating every year, it is imperative that County high school and college students are aware of the types of careers and the growing need for employees as they prepare for post high school education,” said Dorsey.

Much more than just a job search, Opportunities Aroostook envelopes Aroostook County and what it has to offer to its population and beyond. Kristen Wells, who is Executive Director of AAI says, managing Opportunities Aroostook works well with the mission of the organization.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative program, visit opportunitiesaroostook.com, like them on Facebook, or call 760-0558.

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