Aroostook Aspirations Initiative’s 2016 Gauvin Scholars are beginning their second year of college. With that comes an entire year of experiences behind them, and helpful advice they hope make a difference for the 2017 Gauvin Scholars.

Aroostook Aspirations Initiative
Aroostook Aspirations Initiative

“The best advice for new Scholars is, if you think you’re falling behind or if you think you need help, just ask,” said Haley Perkins, 2016 Gauvin Scholar. “Your teachers are there for you, your friends are there for you and the staff is really good about helping you.”

“My advice would be to keep a goal in mind whenever you’re doing something because sometimes you just get off track and forget a goal, but if you always remember your goal then in the end it’s a lot easier to achieve,” said Kyle Rider, 2016 Gauvin Scholar adopted by Hampton Inn.

“My best piece of advice is to get involved on campus,” said Sarah Watt, 2016 Bangor Daily News Gauvin Scholar. “You can’t do too much to know more people and network, and you never know where you’re going to end up.”

Aroostook Aspirations Initiative’s Executive Director, Kristen Wells, says it’s important that the incoming class of Gauvin Scholars know who their fellow Gauvin Scholars are, and that they can reach out to each other for advice.

“Gauvin Scholars begin their first days of college with a supportive network in their classes and on campus. They get to know each other during Scholar Weekend and depend on each other for encouragement, for advice, or just to see a familiar face,” said Wells. “The upperclassman Gauvin Scholars remind their freshmen peers that success is possible.”

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