Northern Light AR Gould Hospital has announced a new Aroostook Career Exploration program which will provide local students the opportunity to learn more about potential careers throughout their high school experience.

The program replaces the Survivor Aroostook camp, a one-week summer camp that the hospital had offered.

Daryl Boucher, vice president of nursing at AR Gould Hospital, says the new program is based on a wide range of healthcare careers.  Most people think of doctors, nurses,  lab workers, technicians or physical therapists when they think of careers in the health field. But there are other options to consider such as accountants, cooks, housekeepers, engineers, financial counselors and many more.

The Aroostook Career Exploration program will offer three sessions a year, as well as having volunteer and job shadow opportunities in between sessions. Students will  earn CPR and first aid certification, take part in hands-on projects and even get assistance with their college and career preparation.

Initially, sessions will be held at AR Gould Hospital in Presque Isle and potentially expand to southern and northern Aroostook for the added convenience of students from those areas. Like its predecessor, Survivor Aroostook, the new career exploration program includes key partnerships with area businesses and schools.

The first session starts up in August and costs just $25 a year per person. More details and registration information will be forthcoming soon.

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