There was a serious Santa sighting recently, and it was nowhere close to the North Pole.

I guess I should have said Santas, because there was more than one.

Sunday River Ski Resort wasted no time in getting into the holiday spirit this season. The 22nd Annual Santa Sunday event was held recently, and included hundreds of Kris Kringles shredding and carving down the slopes. The fundraiser benefits the River Fund, which provides two college scholarships every year.

As wonderful as this event is, it certainly got my brain rolling about hordes of one type of character, real or fake (Santa is real, kids. Never stop believing), could also provide us with entertainment value and help raise money for continuing education.

There were a few hundred Santas skiing this past December, so why not hundreds of something else classic Maine?

Here's a smorgasbord of iconic Maine brands, exports, and people that would be a great state representative on the ski slopes.

As fun as this list is, it's important to remember that as long as money is being raised for this great cause, everyone's a winner. Thankfully, Mainers are some of the most generous and the most fun around. I know all of these would be a big hit.

Big props to Sunday River and all the philanthropic Santas who are helping the future leaders of America.

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