New Potato Queen Crowned 

The 2022 Maine Potato Queen pageant was held on Saturday evening for the first time since 2019. A new potato queen would be crowned and will represent Aroostook County as an ambassador to the potato and agriculture industry across the state for the next year.

A farewell to the outgoing Potato Queen 

In 2019 the Maine Potato Queen title was won by Elizabeth Collins of Mapleton. She held the title longer than anyone could have anticipated due to the pandemic. The pageant and Maine Potato Blossom festival took the time on social media to thank Elizabeth for her 3 years as the Potato Queen. Take a look.

Congratulations to Delaney McKeen, the 2022 Maine Potato Queen. Delaney entered the pageant after claiming the title of Miss Mars Hill in the spring. McKeen will now take over the duties of Maine Potato Queen. Delaney attends Central Aroostook high school and is involved in numerous activities and organizations. Her involvement as a well-rounded individual will make Delaney a fine representation of the area.

The three new Queens immediately take over duties 

The pageant on Saturday was the third and final of the week. To start the week, Catherine McCrum of Mars Hill was named the Little Miss Potato Queen and Madelyn Putnam of Presque Isle claimed the Jr. Miss Potato Queen title. McCrum and McKeen bookend the week with the town of Mars Hill having two thirds of the Potato Queen representation for 2022-23. Be sure to look for any of these three ladies over the next year at various community events and other activities involving agriculture.

Get ready for 2023

Maine Potato Blossom Festival 2022 is a wrap and plans for 2023 are already underway. There is plenty of summer left and many small-town festivals remain to be held. Congratulations to Catherine, Madelyn, and Delaney, our new Maine Potato Queens.

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