A 75-year-old man from Mapleton was arrested Sunday afternoon for domestic violence criminal threatening and reckless conduct with a firearm after a police standoff in the vicinity of Boone Road in Mapleton.

Mapleton Man Arrested after Police Standoff

The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office said Richard Laplante was taken into custody and also charged with violation of conditions of release after he entered a female’s residence.

Prohibited to have Contact with Woman

Laplante was prohibited from being in the woman’s residence due to active bail conditions. He was also prevented from having contact with her. The woman’s name and age were not released.

Suspect would not let Woman Leave

The woman called 911 around 1:30 pm after Laplante entered her home and said he had a firearm and was preventing her from leaving.

Man Threatened to Shoot Law Enforcement

The Sheriff’s Office also said he threatened to shoot law enforcement if they approached the residence.

Woman Released

A parameter was set up around the house. Deputies talked to Laplante on the phone and convinced him to release the women.

Suspect Surrendered to Police after Negotiations

Laplante refused to leave the residence and give himself up to police. Laplante exited the house after hours of negotiations with the Maine State Police.

Taken to Hospital for Evaluation

Laplante was apprehended and taken to the hospital for an evaluation. He was then transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

Facing Multiple Charges

Laplante is charged with violation of conditions of release, domestic violence criminal threatening, reckless conduct with a firearm and creating a police standoff.

Law Enforcement Involved

Assisting the Aroostook County Sheriff’ Office as the Maine State Police, the Maine Warden’s Service, Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill Fire Department, as well as the Presque Isle Fire Department.

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