Researchers have confirmed that the flu can sharply increase the risk of heart attacks in elderly people. This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend a flu shot for almost everyone.

A study coming out of Canada found that the risk for heart attacks was six times higher in the first week the flu is diagnosed in comparison with the year before and after the flu bugs genesis every year.

According to the report, researchers reviewed more than five years of lab records and hospital records in Ontario, Canada.

After extensive research, they found 332 people, mostly elderly, whose flu tests came back positive, had suffered a heart attack within the year.

One strong pattern was very noticeable. 20 of those people had a heart attack within a week of getting the flu and of those 20, six passed away.


The study also found that the flu was not the only viral infection that fell into the heart attack pattern.

The researchers found that the risk of heart attack was about 3 1/2 times higher with RSV, respiratory syncytial virus, and almost 3 times higher for a bunch of germs, the common cold is one of them.

For more information on this and other health topics, you may contact the Maine Center for Disease Control here.

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