The way people search for a date nowadays is quite different from date-seekers of yesteryear. However, people are still searching out that perfect date and more in Maine.

The website sought out which states were the 'thirstiest' when it came to those looking for a date or for love and Maine ranked near the very top.

They used Google's search engine and looked for search phrases such as, 'best bars for singles', 'dating apps', and 'best pick-up lines' to name a few.

After they received all of the data, they then ranked each state according to the number of searches in all of the categories.

Guess where the Pine Tree State showed up?

Here are the Top 5 states who searched for a date in the Google search engine.

  1. Rhode Island
  2. Maine
  3. Michigan
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Massachusetts

Here are the Top 5 states who were not looking for a date according to Google.

  1. Mississippi (50th)
  2. Louisiana (49th)
  3. Alaska (48th)
  4. West Virginia (47th)
  5. Oklahoma (46th)

So, if you're single and living in the state of Maine don't be alarmed. It looks like there are plenty of people that are looking for the right date, or love, as you might be. There is hope!


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