Moose hunting is huge in Maine especially in Aroostook County where we have hundreds and hundreds of miles of good habitat.

Every hunter has their prime spot and wants to see the places with healthy animals who continue to grow the herd at a safe and manageable rate.

Biologists across the state study the health and activity of moose. These studies often connect the dots to how hunting can benefit the population.

Recently scientists looked at protecting the animals from ticks and the damage and nuisance they cause. One reason ticks are more abundant is because of warmer temperatures. This can wreak havoc on the Moose herd in Maine and New England. Officials said in some regions less than 50% of moose calves make it through their first winter.

Increasing the number of hunting permits is often a discussion to help balance the harvest and the moose numbers. The state is looking at an increase to 3,480 permits this season. That’s more than a 10% jump from the previous year.

The hope is a healthier moose herd and a way for hunters to provide food for the family in a way to keep our wildlife thriving in Maine.

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Read more from the Associated Press about some of the efforts across Maine and New England to keep the moose population in good condition.

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