Maine's moose hunting season kicks off this weekend in Northern Maine. There are over 75,000 moose in Maine, which makes it one of the largest amounts of moose in the US. Alaska has more, but who wants to travel all the way up there? If you were lucky enough to win the Maine Moose Lottery, congratulations! Just know that between the global pandemic and Maine's severe drought, that this will be a hunting season like no other. This is the hunt of a lifetime! Be safe and enjoy it up there!

To that end, our friends at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have put together some timely tips for you. They include:

  • Drought conditions have made the roads EXTREMELY DUSTY causing poor visibility at times! Pull to the side and WAIT for the dust to clear before proceeding.
  • The first week is going to be warm. Be prepared to cool your moose immediately! Plan how you will get the moose out of the woods without your harvest getting covered in dust.
  • Bird hunting starts on September 26 meaning more people will be on the roads than usual. Be aware of others.
  • Always remember that ALL LOGGING TRUCKS AND OTHER COMMERCIAL VEHICLES HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY on logging roads. Please pull over when meeting these vehicles and NEVER leave your vehicle in the road, even for “just a second.”
  • Please wear a mask and keep your distance at check stations.
  • The North Maine Woods is not operating the St. Pamphile check station this year so moose hunters (and other big game hunters) will not be able to register their harvested moose (or bear or deer) there and should make plans to locate another nearby moose registration station.




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