Sam "The Bottle Man" Rideout of South Portland has certainly earned his nick name.

According to WMTW, the 10-year-old collects bottles and cans throughout the year and when the holiday season hits, he uses the money from those redeemables to buy gifts for kids who are hospitalized over Christmas.

On Monday, he delivered presents to sick kids and the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital and was delighted by the surprise police escort from the South Portland Police Department.

This is no small feat; this year, Sam raised more than $6000 from collected bottles and cans. The fact that such a young man has developed such a selfless tradition is just the inspiration we need for a heart-warming holiday season. Just 5 cents at a time, Sam The Bottle Man makes Christmas happen for tons of kids who are stuck in a hospital bed during the most wonderful time of the year. Thank you, Sam!

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