Who says love isn't dangerous. Hundreds of locks hanging on a Portland waterfront fence became so heavy, the fence buckled so it has to be replaced. We now know what's replacing it!

The sagging dangerous Love Locks fence will be replaced by a work of art designed and built by a Portland artist, Geoff Herguth. Portland hired Geoff to make a 40 foot long replacement fence for $23,000 that you won't be able to put a padlock on. But it's going to be cool. Geoff calls it the 'wave fence'.


He's making it out of steel pipes in a wave pattern from 5 to 7 feet tall. He says it's a piece of art really. When it's done, it will be blue and should be up by the end of September according to the city.

Don't freak out, you can still see your lock (maybe). A section of the old Love Locks fence will be on permanent display in DiMillo's parking lot.

Here's what I'm super happy about...that they used a local artist who's been around the waterfront for over 40 years. I'm all for it.

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