Micmac Farms is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the hatchery reaching full capacity!

Micmac Farms is celebrating with funders, agency supporters, and the whole community the success of Micmac Farms' Hatchery operating at full capacity! We would like to thank each and every person who has worked to make wholesome and nutritious foods more accessible in Northern Maine!

All are invited to attend this FREE event at 11AM Tuesday, August 28th at Micmac Farms of Caribou. A traditional ceremony & ribbon cutting with guest speakers will begin at 11:10am with a blessing.

Established in 2009 as a community garden, Micmac Farms’ mission creates access to wholesome and nutritious foods for our Northern Maine community. The community garden project gained tremendous support and efforts were made to expand the farm to its current 28-acre location. At the same time, a pilot fish project was underway to raise brook trout in floating cages at a local tribal pond. These two projects worked together to put healthy foods into our community. Today is a testament to the commitment that was made and the harvest that is being reaped from these investments.

Today Micmac Farms cultivates 4-acres of fresh produce and is home to 50,000 Maine brook trout. The 34,000-gallon recirculating fish farm is a state-of-the-art operation, producing 12,000 lbs of brook trout annually.  Micmac Farms raises wholesome foods the most natural way possible by pledging not to use harsh chemicals or antibiotics to treat our fish or raise produce. We truly believe our Northern Maine communities are a bit healthier, happier, and more aware of local foods because of the community asset that Micmac Farms has become.

With three generations of Maine brook trout in our Caribou, Maine hatchery we are operating at full capacity! From all of us at Micmac Farms we say “Thank You!” to the organizations and individuals who have come together and make this project possible.

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