This January was the coldest month in 13 years in Aroostook County while snowfall measured a few inches above average, according to data from the National Weather Service.

The average daily temperature at Caribou for January was 6.7°F, which is 5.0 degrees colder than average for the month. This followed a mild New Year’s Day, when the high temperature hit 36° and the overnight low dipped to 30°, but it was not to be the norm for January 2022.

How cold did it get in Aroostook County?

The lowest recorded temperatures at Caribou during the month were -27°F on January 22nd and -30°F on January 27th, although other areas of Aroostook County unofficially recorded lows in that range on several occasions. The thermometer rose above freezing on only four days in January, according to  readings  taken at the Caribou Weather office.

By contrast, last January boasted an average daily temperature of 19.6°F, which for Caribou, Maine was nearly 8 degrees above average.

Northern Maine snowfall is tracking close to normal

Snowfall arrived in many small doses throughout the month until the storm on the last weekend of January dumped a foot of snow on much of northern Maine. Total snowfall for the month at Caribou measured just over 31 inches, which is 6 inches above normal.

So far this season, snowfall has totaled 63.6”, right on average since records have been kept at Caribou in 1939. Last year at this time, only 47.4” of snow had fallen at Caribou.

Aroostook County picked up a full hour of daylight from the beginning of January to the end.  And February holds the promise of warmer winter days and lots of opportunities to have fun in the snow.'

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