It seems that college trends having been hitting campuses, like UMPI, across Maine for decades. Some of them are fun, but many can be dangerous and even deadly.

For many college students, parties are a huge part of their social life. Fraternities and Sororities often have gatherings that include alcoholic beverages. There have been some cases where students have died from too much alcohol.

Unfortunately, many students are low on cash, but still, want to drink and that is where this new, dangerous trend called 'Drunkorexia' comes in and may be coming to a college campus near you.

What happens is that the student stops eating to restrict food calories as to make room for calories brought to them by the alcoholic beverage of their choice.

According to SAMHSA, or the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1.2 million college students consume alcoholic beverages on any given day. Of those, about 80-percent engage in Drunkorexia.

Physicians have stated that there are reasons why the students do this. The obvious one is for weight loss. However, there is another reason also. Saving money, physicians say, is the second reason for partaking in Drunkorexia.

But the third reason is the most dangerous one. Students are wanting to get drunk faster and this is the best way they can think to do it. Many know from experience, that if you consume alcohol on an empty stomach, you get drunk faster with less.

Parents, who have students attending colleges like UMPI, should keep a look out and have a conversation with their college kids about the harmful effects of dangerous trends such as Drunkorexia.

Trends can be fun, be they can also be deadly and dangerous.



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