Just when you thought tick season was over, you may have found some ticks on yourself or your pets as you enjoyed the outdoor winter in January.

CBS 13's Charlie Lopresti was out with his kids and dog on Tuesday and posted a picture to Facebook of one of four ticks that his kids found on the family dog.

Charlie makes a good point. It's almost mid-winter in Maine and you would think that ticks wouldn't be an issue, yet here they are. So what gives?

According to a story from News Center Maine, under the right conditions, ticks can still be around during the winter.

Did you know that The University of Maine has a tick lab? They have resources for everything you could ever want to know about ticks in Maine. You can even send them ticks for testing. The testing is not of humans though. It is only for surveillance information on ticks and tick-borne disease in Maine.

According to the tick lab, the mild weather has allowed ticks to still remain active. As long as the temperature stays above freezing, they're still out for a meal and it could be you or your pets.

So if you're spending any time outside during mild temperatures in the winter, be sure to do a tick check when you return. The means taking the time to undress and check every part of your body for a tick. You might want to have someone you don't mind seeing you naked to check in those spots of your body your eyes can't reach.

Everything you need to know about ticks can be found on The University of Maine's Tick Lab website.

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