It's here! It's finally here!! 

Spring in northern Maine is something to behold with the changes in our landscape, weather, and road conditions. Locally, we are in "mud season” as the snow is melting at a rapid rate and the temperatures bounce back-and-forth between freezing and the mid 40s. Many driveways are a haven for mud and ruts!

"Gimme the wheel, I'll show you how to ride this one"

Perhaps the most annoying part of spring is the potholes that increase by the hundreds each and every day in northern Maine. We all become experts driving over the roads that we travel every day, but when we hit a road or parking lot, we aren't familiar with, it can become a bouncy adventure. With each hit of a pothole, we all have that moment of “I think I just lost the bottom of my vehicle.” If you don't know the road ahead, it's best to carefully move along so you don't end up losing the underneath of your vehicle or spilling your hot coffee from the drive-through.


Hey boss, I'm stepping out for a minute

This morning I decided to step away from work for a moment and recharge with a fresh coffee. To write, sometimes the best thing we can do is step away and get some fresh air. As I left the window after receiving my hot cup of bean juice, I swayed from side to side and bounced around as I drove over this scene.


Walk don't run on it...See what I did there? 

A cautionary tale to you, the reader, even the drive-through can be a dangerous proposition if you aren't alert! I was prepared for the series of potholes but today they seemed larger and deeper. This is an extremely busy location so it doesn't surprise me that the surface was easily worn down as the seasons change. There is nothing prophetic about this story, just a warning that if you are in Presque Isle and looking for a fresh hot coffee, be careful when you leave. You don't want to ruin your clothes!  

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