One of the most terrifying scenarios any parent could contemplate is the thought that their son or daughter could fall into a river (or stream, or the ocean) and not be a capable enough swimmer to get to safety.

Well, that is exactly what happened in Greene on Monday evening.

According to WABI, a thirteen year old girl was with a group of friends and family on Monday evening at around 7:30.  The group had been trying to get cooled off in a part of the Androscoggin River known as Cherry Pond when the girl slipped into the water and was not able to get out.

The girl was not wearing a life jacket and, reportedly, no one in the group knew how to swim.

Members of the group called 911.  On arrival, an Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Deputy jumped into the water and was able to retrieve the girl.  CPR was giving to the girl until paramedics arrived to transport her.

The girl was initially taken to a hospital in Lewiston before being transferred by LifeFlight to Maine Medical Center in Portland

It is not known how long she was under water and her current condition is not clear.

The identity of the deputy who pulled her from the water was not revealed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.  We all hope she makes a complete recovery.

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