The Aroostook Agency on Aging, in partnership with two other Agencies on Aging from Maine, was recently awarded $450,000.

The 3-year grant for the collaborating agencies is to help expand and promote classes which focus on preventing falls of older adults. The other two partnering agencies with the Aroostook Agency on Aging in Healthy Living for ME are SeniorsPlus and Spectrum Generations.

Currently providing one point of entry to a statewide network of workshops, Healthy Living for ME helps adults identify and better manage health issues that they may have. Through these workshops, adults can improve their balance and help prevent falls. They also can help manage chronic conditions such as pain, high blood pressure, COPD, diabetes and others.

Those attending the falls prevention classes learn that falling and the fear of falling are controllable. They also learn to set realistic goals for increased activity, exercising to increase balance and strength and making changes to their surroundings to reduce the risk of falling.

A full listing of workshops available in Maine can be found online at or call 1-800-620-6036 for more information.

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