A Grand Falls man had pled guilty in Edmundston Provincial Court and is looking to pay a big fine for transporting unstamped tobacco products.

New Nouveau Brunswick Canada has reported that 59-year old Camille Rossignol was sentenced on January 16 after pleading guilty in Edmundston Provincial Court in October of last year.

Rossignol's fines have been set at $132,317 after he was charged for transporting unstamped tobacco products in violation of the Tobacco Tax Act.

In addition to receiving the fines, Rossignol's 2002 Chevy Venture was seized when he was arrested and forfeited as offence-related property.

The Department of Public Safety officers issued a warrant and arrested Rossignol after finding 100,652 unstamped cigarettes in his van.

The unstamped cigarettes were valued at approximately $25,686.




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