A lobster shack in York, Maine, called Off the Boat Lobsters posted this photo from a local fisherman who wanted to remain anonymous on their Facebook page earlier today and the internet just about lost its proverbial marbles.

I think I saw this guy in Finding Nemo!

Off the Boat Lobsters via Facebook (credit to Local Tuna Fisherman who wished to remain anonymous)

Here's what the people had to say:

Judy: "after a construction job!"

Suzanne: "Keep your toes on shore!"

Eugene: "Can you say Ham-mah Head?!?"

Why yes, Eugene, indeed we can!

I know what you're thinking. "That water looks awfully clear and blue! Are you sure this photo was snapped in Maine and not in the Florida keys?!"

I thought the same darn thing! But it has been confirmed that this photo was taken in the great state of Maine. As for where exactly, that I can't tell you. The local tuna fisherman who snapped this photo wasn't about to reveal his fishing hot spots and honestly, I can't blame him!

According to surf-forecast.com the ocean temperature in Maine was 72 degree today. Oceana.org states that Hammerhead sharks notoriously like warm ocean temperatures and are typically found in coastal warm waters. 68 degrees and above is what they prefer. (I didn't know Hammerhead sharks and I had so much in common)

If you are afraid of sharks, which I think most of us are, you might find this comforting, According to a recent article, Hammerhead sharks rarely ever attack human beings. We are more of a threat to them than they are to us. Only 16 attacks have ever been recorded globally and none were fatal.

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