The Sunday is the 'big game' and there will, no doubt, be Super Bowl parties all throughout New England.

But what is some of the food that folks will be snacking on while watching the game?

Here are our picks of some of the best Super Bowl food to have at the party.

Hey, we live in the County. Therefore we eat County food while watching Super Bowl Games! 


How about some 'Hy Chi' Chinese Food to get you through the game?


Shrimp Cocktail - A great finger food especially dipped in cocktail sauce. 


The dish looks great, but the screaming babies are a bit of a turnoff. 

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Gotta have chocolate! 


Um....No! If we're going to eat chips, County folks are eating potato, not kale! 

What kind of food will you be enjoying while watching the Super Bowl? We need ideas! Please share your food ideas with us here. Just in case we missed some, which we probably did.

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