Pineland Farms Potato Company is hiring for multiple positions across all shifts. The best part is that if you are hired on Monday at their event, you'll be eligible for a $2,000 sign on bonus.  

You're giving me how much money to sign on?

Pineland Farms Potato Company is located in Mars Hill and offers multiple shifts to find a shift that works for you. This is a company that is all action when it comes to taking care of their employees. There are not many places offering $2,000 to sign on and I know we could all use a little extra cash right now. 

Over the past year you may have seen Pineland Farms Potato Company in a community near you donating food boxes. The company did not sit idle when the pandemic hit, they got boots on the ground and have served Aroostook County several times. That's the great thing about a company like Pineland Farms, you get the small community feel and support with access to resources similar to those that larger communities have. They've partnered with area businesses like Bigrock Mountain and provided employees with the opportunity to learn to ski and to go ski with their friends, family and coworkers.  

Pineland Farms Potato Company is invested in you and your community. A $2,000 sign on bonus and incredible benefits, and a company that takes action to help their employees and surrounding communities sounds like the perfect place to work.

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Think about your future beyond 2021

Many people decided to make a change in a job or career coming out of the last 18 months. If you are living in Aroostook County it's time to think about your future and how you are going to push ahead after the pandemic. Pineland Farms Potato Company is a great place to get a head start on your new future. Put together your resume and show up to their on-site hiring event on Monday May 10th 

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