Cary Medical Center in Caribou has a new addition to its pharmacy department.

"Jonathan Anderson, PharmD, BSBA, is a wonderful asset to the area’s medical community and to the Cary Medical Center team," said Cary Chief Operating Officer, Shawn Anderson, as he announced the most recent addition to the Cary professional staff. In addition to his most recent experience as a Pharmacy Director for Calais Regional Hospital, Jonathan has also been actively involved with advancing patient care and collaboration among pharmacists and other healthcare team members at Cary which can further improve the overall quality of patient care services.

The new initiative at the hospital will allow the Pharmacy team to play a larger role in direct care for the duration of the patients stay at Cary Medical Center. Implementing these services with the Pharmacy team will confidently alleviate or lessen stresses of today’s prescription medication system.

“Our team plays a critical role in the management of pain. It is my goal as a pharmacist to make sure that prior to discharge, I take a moment to sit down with our patients and communicate all aspects of their medication, allowing them to ask questions and fully understand their prescription regimen. This includes proper storage, doses, potential side effects, refills and the importance of not missing any doses,” said Anderson.

Jonathan attended Husson University School of Pharmacy, earning his doctorate in Pharmacy. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Mississippi State University of Business. Prior to his arrival in the County, Jonathan was the Pharmacy Director for Calais Regional Hospital for a two years. Jonathan resides in Caribou with his wife, Chelsey and their three young children.

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