A 12-year-old boy died Sunday after falling into a stream near Principale Street in the Saint-Basile sector of Edmundston.

Officials say a call was made to 9-1-1 at around 3 p.m. reporting that one child was injured after falling in Mastic Creek and that another boy was missing. Emergency services, including the Edmundston Fire Department and Edmundston Police Force, were immediately dispatched to the scene.

The missing boy was found in the water lodged against the ice and snow of the creek after a 10-minute search. He was rushed to the Edmundston Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to a news release from the City of Edmundston. The other boy was kept under observation at the hospital but his injuries were reportedly not considered to be life-threatening.

Police confirmed the death was accidental.  A response team was at the École Régionale de Saint-Basile Monday to support students and staff.

Jacques Doiron, director of the Edmundston Fire Department, told Global News that there was about a foot and a half of water in the brook.

Officials are reminding residents that it is very dangerous to venture near waterways this time of year.

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