I'll admit after winding down for the day, at least a few times a week I like to reward myself with a lil ice cream. I can usually barely make it back to my seat before my furry friends realize what is happening and want in.

I've always though it would be nice if I could set Ozzy up with his own ice cream treat...then I would have mine all to myself!
Enter Ben & Jerry's...Doggie Desserts

That's right... B&J is introducing a line of frozen dog treats called "Doggie Desserts", look for them this month in grocery and pet stores.

For now, the Doggie treats come in two flavors.... first there is pumpkin with cookies and then.... peanut butter with pretzels. And just like I had hoped both are made with a base of sunflower butter which is the same ingredient Ben & Jerry's uses in its non-dairy human desserts and is better for dogs.

Although there are other doggie treats out there in the frozen section seeing Ben & Jerry's in that space is just the tip of the iceberg for any company that under estimates the size of the pet market and also the message that as pet owners, we want premium products for our furry family.

According to their website, the company has been working on its dog treats since early last year. They consulted with experts to make sure the treats are safe and easy to digest.

Look for the Doggie Desserts near the popsicles in the frozen food aisles, just a few doors down from Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

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