As human beings, we often forget that we are not the only living things affected when the weather becomes particularly uncomfortable. The recent cold snap that has enveloped a majority of the country has also left many wild animals scrambling for cover. That includes Maine's black bear population, and thanks to some quick thinking and prompt response time, a group of bear cubs have a chance to survive through this winter.

Shared on Facebook by Crown of Maine via Paul Farrington, the bear cubs were reportedly abandoned by their mother near a cutting operation in northern Maine. A crew nearby alerted the Maine Warden Service about the freezing cubs and they quickly sprung into action.

On the scene, two of the three black bear cubs were unresponsive when the Warden Service arrived. They were slowly warmed, and passed on to biologists who were able to place them into other dens and sows to be adopted and grow with other cubs of similar size. The quick thinking of the crew on the scene and the quick response of the Maine Warden service absolutely saved the lives of these three small black bear cubs.


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