A 64-year-old woman from Porter was bitten by a black bear Friday morning after punching the bear that chased her dog.

Dog Chased by Bear

The Maine Warden Service said Lynn Kelly was in her backyard garden around 11:30 am when her dog ran into the woods barking. She then heard her dog “yelp” and run out of the woods being chased by a black bear.

Woman Punched Black Bear in the Nose

Wardens said “Kelly confronted the bear head on, and when the bear stood up, she stood up as tall as she could, then punched the bear in the nose, whereupon the bear bit her in the right hand, puncturing her wrist. The bear immediately released her wrist, then ran back into the woods, leaving Kelly and her unharmed dog behind.”

Treated for Wounds to Wrist

Kelly called police after the incident. An ambulance took her to Memorial Hospital in North Conway. She was treated for “puncture wounds to her wrist.”

Two Trap Sets to Capture Bear Alive

Wardens said the bear has not been seen since the attack. Officials have two “live-capture culvert-style traps to try and capture the bear alive.” Mark Latti, Communications Director with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife said the bear had been seen in recent days feeding on birdseed that was left outside.

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