Curious how trail conditions are in your neck of the woods?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Gary Marquis with the Caribou Parks & Recreation Department has the latest trail report for January 21st, 2015.

ITS 85 Ashland is reporting a logging op. in the Masardis area follow the signs. In the Winterville area there is a slight reroute use the Red River road not the Buggy Brook Road. Two miles north of Oxbow the road is plowed, and it is not in the best of condition. Fort Kent and Eagle Lake are reporting good conditions

ITS 83 Caribou has been out trying to get lubrication for snowmobiles, Madawaska, Presque Isle are out as well. There are icy spots so be careful.

ITS 81 Easton, Mars Hill, Fort Fairfield, Limestone, Grand Isle are holding off until we get more snow, Van Buren, Madawaska have been out and are reporting ok condition.

ITS 92 This trail is in great shape, 92A, and 92B also are in great shape.

ITS 90 Fort Fairfield, and Caribou’s section of this trail is passable but use extreme caution, as you travel further West the conditions get a little better. Caribou will try and get out and do the western section of this trail. Portage will hold off for more snow.

ITS 88 This section of the CP rail line, extreme caution should be used, but as you travel further west it gets better, but ice is very prevalent.

ITS 86 No report on this trail, but if I would have to guess there is ice.

ITS 105 Hard packed snow and ice use caution

ITS 120 Hard packed but ride able

RT. 89 Madawaska River is not safe to cross. From Dubay pit road to ITS83 fields are ice covered not much lubrication.

RT. 100 Caswell will attempt to go out and should be groomed by the weekend

Easton trails are bare in areas, not grooming until it snows

Chapman Ridge Runners fields are passable use caution

On the Social Side:

Friday night chicken stew at the Presque Isle clubhouse 5-7 pm

Washburn Trail runners Breakfast / Lunch Saturdays 7-2pm Sunday 7-12pm at the clubhouse

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals…home cooked meals… stop by off ITS 92 10am-9pm.

Houlton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse on the Wiley road 6-9.
January 24 & 25 Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby.
January 25th Snowmobile Drag race in Caribou.
January 31st chicken stew & ployes & bake sale at the Madawaska clubhouse from 11-2, deliveries will be provided to the mill.
March 1, Breakfast at the Grand Isle Community center 7-11

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