The County is the Coolest Place in Maine

Aroostook County is considered one of the coolest places in the state of Maine, according to But wait, there’s more…

The sight details the climate and weather for northern Maine, taking a look at rainfall, snow totals, sunshine, temperatures and more.

Average Rainfall Compared to the U.S.

Starting with the amount of rain we get every year compared to the rest of the country. Aroostook County gets an average of 40 inches while the average in the United States is just 28 inches. We need rain, but that is way more than everyone else.

Average Sunshine in Aroostook County

OK, so we get a lot of rain. How much sun do we see? You can expect to wake up to sunshine 159 days out of the year. Across the country, the average is 205 days.

It’s not surprising the best months in the County are June, July and August. We love this time of year and wait all winter for it.

Granted, some states are pretty much all sunshine like in the South and places like California. But these are the averages.

Snowfall Averages in Northern Maine

We know what’s coming down the pike in a couple of months. That’s right, snow - and lots of it. But how much in comparison? The County gets a whopping 94 inches of snow. The rest of the U.S. sees only about 28.9 inches of snow.

In a lot of ways, we've made the best out of it. This is a place where snowmobiling, skiing and winter activities is a big thing. We have definitely adapted to the climate and used it to our advantage.

How Does Aroostook County Rank in the “Comfort Index”?

The one thing that stood out on was what they called the “Comfort Index” based on a rating from 1 to 10. Aroostook County was listed as one of the least comfortable places to live. Summer got a 8.8 rating while winter took that way down with a 2.2. The average was a 5.7 out of 10.

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Great Place to Live

Wow. We know there are a million other reasons why the County is a way better place to live than areas for safety, values and quality of life. That aside, the webpage is talking about weather and climate. Sometimes, that can be tough on us, but we’d rather be here than anywhere else.

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