Yes, the day is upon us.  Someone (who is typing this) will be celebrating a birthday this week.  He's not scared, depressed or anxious about it.  He's actually a little excited.  Why?

Well let's just say he's always felt like an 'old soul.'  Okay, this typing in third person is getting annoying.  I'm talking about me, Chris O'Brien.  Although physically I've been feeling my age for a little while (it takes a bit longer to get up out of bed), mentally I'm still about twelve.  That being said, this 'twelve' year-old has always had an affinity for things that came about decades before I was born.


I like oldies, like Motown, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, etc. a lot more than any of the music that's been made since.  Give me the option of watching a computer-generated comic flick from this past summer or an old Cary Grant movie, I go with Cary Grant every time.  I've been ecstatically married almost 17 years and have a blessed crop of mini-mes to show for it. They say life begins at 40 and for me it seems true so far. 

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