A new program being offered by Northern Light AR Gould Hospital will give local high school students the opportunity to learn more about potential careers.

The first session of Aroostook Career Exploration (ACE) is set to begin Friday, September 27.

ACE replaces the Survivor Aroostook camp, a one-week summer camp that the hospital had offered each June. The program is a unique, multi-session, multi-year program designed to give students in-depth opportunities that grow and expand as the students gets older and closer to college and the job market.

Daryl Boucher, vice president of nursing at AR Gould Hospital and one of the lead organizers of the ACE program, says it's all about career awareness, career exploration, and career development. “Students will get a real feel for whether or not the careers they are exploring are right for them and get the chance to network with professionals who work in these careers every day."

There will be three to four sessions a year. The first session will be held Friday, September 27, from 1-9 pm.  Additional sessions are planned for Monday, January 20 from 4-8 pm; Saturday, April 11, from 1-9 pm; and Tuesday, June 16, from 4-8 pm. The first year of the program is designed primarily for Freshman and Sophomore students.

Cost to register for the entire year is only $25. This one-time annual fee allows students to participate in any or all of the sessions as their schedules and interests allow.

Students who begin the program this first year can continue to take sessions each year and, as they progress, will include volunteer and job opportunities as well.  They will also earn CPR and first aid certification and get assistance with college and career readiness preparation.

AR Gould will provide college scholarships to those who successfully complete the Aroostook Career Exploration program.  Those who enter as a freshman and complete the program requirements will be eligible for a college scholarship.

Those interested in taking part in Aroostook Career Exploration and encouraged to register online at www.northernlighthealth.org/ACE.  For more information, call 768-4172.

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