Aroostook County Action Program and United Way of Aroostook are excited to join forces to announce a new initiative for meeting vital needs across the County.

The initiative is called One Aroostook – Investing in Community.

“The One Aroostook – Investing in Community initiative offers a way for any person from any background to identify with County residents facing dire circumstances, and connects them with a means of assisting those in need,” said ACAP Resource Developer Monica Jerkins.

"Anyone who shares a connection to Aroostook County undoubtedly has an innate understanding about the fortitude of the people who choose to live in this special corner of our country,” said United Way of Aroostook Executive Director Sherry Locke.

ACAP and United Way have modeled the initiative after successful programs used at similar organizations in southern Maine and other parts of the country. One Aroostook – Investing in Community works by broadening an individual’s reach in the community and offering a way for those receiving the e-mails to help in any amount the person feels comfortable contributing. It uses the collective power of the community to raise larger amounts via multiple smaller donations.

Participation is always optional and there is no obligation to donate. However, if a particular story compels a person to want to help, then they can simply click on the Donate Now button contained in the email, which will bring them to United Way’s donation page.

One Aroostook – Investing in Community gives people another way of understanding the needs of our friends and neighbors and another means of showing they care. If you are interested in receiving emails from One Aroostook – Investing in Community, or would like additional information on the initiative, then please send an email to ACAP’s Resource Developer Monica Jerkins at

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