These days, we really have to be careful with 'free' email accounts that we may have. For those of you that have Yahoo, be warned that you may have been hacked again.

The company stated that the hack they experienced in 2013, put about a billion user's accounts at risk.

They say that the recent hack happened sometime between 2015 and 2016, but did not share how many users may have been affected.

Having said that, pretty much anything and everything about you may have been hacked. This would include, but not limited to your name, email address, phone number and encrypted answers to security questions.

Some of the best ways to protect yourself against these dreaded hacks is to:

  • Never respond to a text from a person that you don't know
  • Don't call back unknown phone numbers
  • Be aware of 'typos.' Many times messages can be grammatically incorrect. Messages in 'broken English' is another red flag
  • Only give out personal information on secure websites beginning with 'https' at the beginning. Keep in mind that the 's' stands for secure

Another thing to do, and it may cost you some money, is to download a good and reliable anti-malware and anti-virus program. There are many out there. Check with your personal computer guru for their opinion of what might suit you best.

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