Have you ever visited another state and thought to yourself, "I really need to get an order of that while I'm here?" Every state has an iconic food and Maine is without exception.

If you had to choose one dish to be the 'official' Maine food menu item, what would it be? Clam Chowder? Lobster? Whoopie Pies? Or maybe something else?

According to our friends at popsugar.com, the Pine Tree State does have a dish that is an American icon.

It could be one of many food items, but many Americans love Maine's Lobster Roll. We really don't know exactly when the lobster roll was created or who came up with this great dish, but it was probably sometime after 1904.

1904 was the year of the World's Fair, in St.Louis, Missouri, when hot dogs were introduced, along with the famous waffle cone. Since lobster rolls go well on that type of bun, we can figure this American Icon came sometime after.

Some have debated as to whether lobster rolls should be served hot or cold or with butter or mayo. Some even top the lobster roll off with onion, celery or chives.

How do like to eat this famous American icon? Tell us all about it in the comments section below. You never know. We just might try your version of the lobster roll.

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