People do the weirdest things for no apparent reason.

It's an understatement for sure, but I always wonder what makes people tick sometimes. Especially when it comes to cars. Whether it's driving them, parking them, decorating them, whatever... Mainers make the strangest choices sometimes. I suppose it's a universal thing everywhere, but we seem to get our fair share here.

There are all kinds of Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to such things. Like the Maine "Ignant" Parking Jobs page. Yes, they spell it wrong on purpose. But you'll get laughs for days on that page. Or the Maine's Idiot Spotters page. It's pure gold of Mainers being dumbasses.

But who's the big dummy here? The owner of the car or the paving company?

I saw this post on Reddit as well as the Idiot Spotters page. But basically, someone left their car parked on the street when there was paving to be done. And instead of having the car towed away, the pavers chose to just work around it. Like... Huh?!? I'm not sure who's more passive/aggressive or just plain odd. Check it out:

I'm kind of at a loss for figuring this out. It's a head scratcher of the highest order. I'd think it'd be quite within legal boundaries to have this car removed. But instead, they've potentially created more work for themselves, or someone else, later on. Or, there's an oblivious driver out there, paying zero attention to what's going on around them.

I'm not sure who's at fault, or who's responsible, but I imagine someone is going to have to answer some questions at some point. People just have to do their jobs. But, people also have to finish their jobs. Maybe someday we'll get the answer to this situation, but until then, you know what'll happen if you park your car in Sanford if they're paving...

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