A 49-year-old Michigan woman has been arrested in the Star City after allegedly  kidnapping her own daughter after a custody dispute.

Michigan State Police say 7-year-old Kylie Charles had been missing for some eight weeks, before her mother was arrested in Presque Isle last Tuesday, according to Fox 17.

Presque Isle Police Department
Presque Isle Police Department

Michigan courts had ordered sole custody to the girl's father after her parents divorce, though he had not seen or heard from her since June 17th. Kylie was last seen with her mother, Sandra Macintosh-Charles in early July in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

It is not known at this time just how Macintosh-Charles and the girl made it to Presque Isle, Maine from Michigan, but Macintosh-Charles, was arrested on parental kidnapping charges last week. She will be extradited back to Michigan.

The little girl is alive and well and on her way back to Michigan with her family.

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