Kay Spofford from Winslow, Maine is the winner of Maine’s Don’t Miss Your Shot: Vaccinationland Sweepstakes. She gets the grand prize of $896,809. Governor Janet Mills made the announcement Sunday, July 4, 2021. The program was an effort to have more Mainers get the COVID-19 vaccination.

Spofford is in her early 60’s. She said she got vaccinated in January and February to protect her parents who have kidney disease. She also said she wanted to help the community. 

The prize for the Vaccinationland Sweepstakes grew $1.00 for each person who got vaccinated. The sweepstakes started on June 16, 2021.

“It is a pleasure to congratulate Kay on winning big in the Don’t Miss Your Shot: Vaccinationland Sweepstakes,” said Governor Janet Mills. “On this Fourth of July, I thank Kay and all Maine people who have rolled up their sleeves to declare their independence from COVID-19. If you haven’t been vaccinated already, there’s still no better time to take this critical step to help Maine put the pandemic behind us.”

“It still feels surreal that I’m the winner of the sweepstakes,”said winner Kay Spofford. “My husband and I strive for a simple life, but this money will give us peace of mind in our retirement and allow us to make repairs to our house and travel to visit our children and our grandbaby on the way. I encourage everyone in Maine to get vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe and to help Maine continue leading the fight against COVID-19.”

“We extend our congratulations to Kay Spofford on not only winning the sweepstakes, but on protecting herself, her patients, and her community by getting vaccinated against COVID-19,” said Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew and Maine CDC Director Nirav D. Shah. “People across Maine are able to gather safely to celebrate this Fourth of July thanks to people like Kay. These vaccines are safe, effective, and free. If you haven’t yet rolled up your sleeve, we urge you to visit a vaccination clinic as soon as you can.”

Maine residents from age 12 and up were eligible for the grand prize if they received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (including the Moderna or Pfizer or the Johnson & Johnson vaccines).

There were 350,256 entries in the Vaccinationland Sweepstakes. The winner was randomly selected by the same process used by the Maine State Lottery, according to the press release from Governor Mills.

Maine is a leader in vaccinations to help contain the spread of COVID-19, ranking third in the country for fully vaccinated residents. The sweepstakes was part of an effort to increase the number of vaccinated Mainers. Close to 78% of adult Maine residents have received one dose. There are almost 70% of all Mainers that are fully vaccinated, said the Governor’s office.

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You can find a vaccination site in your community by calling the Community Vaccination Line at 1-888-445-4111. You can also go to the Maine’s vaccination website.  COVID-19 vaccinations are free and are available at many locations including local centers and pharmacies.

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