If you've lived in northern Maine any length of time, then you are well aware of the damage that the ash borer does to our logging industry which can impact our local economy.

Last year, Mainer's were trying to root out the invasive forest pest especially near Madawaska, Fort Kent, and the surrounding areas.

Paul Huttner, meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio predicts that the extremely cold weather across North America this season could play a role in wiping out the little pests.

One could only hope of that happening.

Huttner added, that winter mortality for the ash borer is temperature dependent. That means the larvae can supercool for a while, but then will die if they freeze.

Studies have shown this to be true. When insects like the ash borer freeze it can be detrimental to their lives which is a plus for those in the logging industries for states like Maine.

We can only hope for the best that the extreme cold temperatures will have their way with the ash borer and make a way for great tree life and logging in northern Maine.





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