Did you see the recent construction on the building at the corner of State and Main Street in Presque Isle?

We got some photos as the wood was being removed to show the original brick structure with advertising painted on the side of it.

We’re looking to start a conversation about the history of the building and the many changes over the years. Take a look at the pictures and fill in some of the details.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The sign reads: Green’s General Agents. Looked like it offered a variety of things from workwear and overalls to pants, coats, sportswear. One thing that stands out is “For Your Protection, Ask for Dubblewear.” Do you know what dubblewear is?

Do you remember shopping at Green’s? Maybe it was a generation before and you heard stories. 

You’ll see Green’s also sold shoes. The top of the building reads Green’s Shoes. Was this mostly for work on the farms or was there a variety?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

We’re asking the questions because everyone loves to share and learn the history of our local communities. Do you know what era this is from? When was the structure covered over? When did people shop here? Do you have any photos from that time period? Maybe a family member worked there. Do you know any friends or relatives who may have lived or done business there?

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We’re looking forward to seeing the dialogue about the history of Green’s in Presque Isle. Keep it positive and informative as you leave your comments on our Facebook.

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