I bring good news buskers, friends of buskers and those considering to become a busker! Not sure what the hell I'm talking about? Read on.

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Just the other day I was shooting the poop with Mr. O'Brien who mentioned a tale about fellow artists who were out to put on a minor show of their musical talents with the hope of collecting tips. Their talents would have been displayed in public, preferably on a street corner in front of a business (who approved of their plans) and play their tunes out of harms way of traffic.

Their hope of spreading joy with music was quickly dashed as they were told they could do no such thing! They were informed that lawmen would be after them at the first pluck of a guitar string! The first toot of a flute! Or the first pound of a drum!

I called bull on this person who stunted their plans and decided to investigate.

I contacted Bev Labbe at Presque Isle City Hall to find out if busking was against the law or if one needed a permit to busk. The answer I received was "what's busking?"

What's busking you ask?

  • busk  (bsk)
  • intr.v.busked, busk·ing, busks
  • To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.
Labbe told me she would know what the verdict was after she did some digging.
Later that afternoon I received an email from Labbe with the following answer:

"You do not need a busking permit.  You need to mindful to not obstruct any views for traffic purposes and ask permission if it’s on someone’s property."

I quickly shared the good news with Mr. O'Brien and let him know he need not live in fear any longer.

Rejoice buskers! Get out there, make music, collect good tips, be safe and have fun!

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