Watch the 2021 Moose Lottery live.

Will you be chosen this year?

The annual Maine Moose Lottery drawing has become a tradition for many sportsmen in New England. A Maine moose hunting party will typically consist of multiple generations of family pursuing the rare hunt.

You can keep up with all things in Maine wildlife at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Facebook page. The  Maine Department I F & W website is the best resource for anyone with questions about laws, regulations, licenses and so much more.

Permits drawn today will be for one of three separate weeks. The first hunt is the week of September 27th - October 2nd. Week two of the moose hunt will occur October 11th through October 16th. The third week of the moose hunt will begin October 25th and end on October 30th.

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There are other special permits and days that certain folks can tag a moose such as a Maine residents only day. This link Hunting Season Dates is a resource for anyone with questions on what permits are issued and also what times of year other hunts occur.

There will be a complete list of the permits made available on the departments website around 6:00 pm on Saturday afternoon. We wish best of luck to all of those folks who are looking to get their name drawn this year. If you're looking for entertainment during a break our friends in Bangor had quite a story Moose spotted in Bangor from Friday.

Let us know if you were lucky enough to be drawn!

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