A moment that sums up an entire generation

These days it seems you have to search long and far to find a bright spot in the current world. Maine is not excluded from the dreary news and events. The pandemic is approaching the two-year mark, the winter is continuing drag on, Russia is invading Ukraine, and electricity bills have skyrocketed forcing many Maine folks into making hard decisions.

Quick summary 

Lost in the long list of not-so-great news last week was the announcement that the Maine Veteran's Homes in Caribou and Machias are being closed in the coming months. The Machias home is scheduled to be closed on April 15 and the Caribou home will close 2 weeks later on May 1. It's been estimated that just over 70 veterans and their spouses will be displaced due to the two facilities closing. The move will also impact many more who will now have to find alternate avenues to care for their loved ones who were in these two homes. This could result in even more Maine residents leaving their current jobs to care for their parents and relatives. Not to mention the current employees of these homes who will become unemployed.

This will impact many Maine people 

Many of the veterans currently housed in the two homes are from a generation that was truly built tough! These folks have seen many transitions in our country through good and bad. The news of the closure comes as another obstacle for them to overcome and I like their chances. A beautiful moment was caught on camera this past weekend at the Caribou Maine Veterans Home.

The beautiful moment!

Heidi Ketch LaMothe is the daughter of one of the residents at the Caribou home. On Sunday she was visiting with her father when the wonderful moment below occurred. His 96-year-old roommate played his favorite song for him on the harmonica. Watch and listen to “You are my sunshine” being played at the Caribou Veterans Home.

Thank you, Heidi, for sharing this moment with us and we wish you all sunshiny days ahead. A difficult hand has been dealt to these veterans and their families. We will keep you updated on this story if any developments should arise.

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