No, this isn't an insult to their intelligence. The Moron Brothers are a musical duo from Kentucky. Moron Brothers, Lardo, and Burley, are known for such songs as Black My Blue Eyes, Ignorant But Happy, and Where Did My Little Girl Go.

They recently uploaded a video to their YouTube channel (over 81,000 subscribers!) talking about when they had come to Maine for the Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival.

From Kentucky to Maine

What makes this extra hilarious is that the way these Kentuckians talk is very similar to those in the Maine country. It's no doubt they fit right in while here but they did note a few odd to them things they encountered while in our neck of the woods. Such as moose crossing signs, and giant crawdads (lobster), as well as paper toilet seat covers.

Check out their video below and I dare you not to be charmed by these Morons dry humor! Burley even knows the capitols to all 48 states! Impressive.

Gentlemen, you are welcome back to Maine anytime.

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